Dog Found Strapped Down To A Wheeled Contraption, Can’t Move & People Just Passed Him

The story below speaks about a Peruvian street dog called Cabezoncito. He was found tied up in a metro station in Lima.

The founder of a small shelter in Peru called Milagros Perrunos, Sara Moran, believes that the dog was tied up by his owner, who then left him.

Cabezoncito was found 4 years ago by some young people, who unstrapped him and fed him thinking that he’d be ok after that, but, after 2 weeks, they returned to the same place and found the innocent dog, who was very sick, also tied up! So, the kind people took the dog to Moran’s home to take care of him.

Paralyzed dog in crib at shelter

She directly took him to the veterinarian, where she knew that Cabezoncito’s was injured in a bad way, and he also had renal insufficiency and many scabs and wounds.

The veterinarian was not sure if the dog would make it. But, Moran refused to give up on him. Thankfully, he had a great treatment and he is becoming better more and more. He is a GREAT WARRIOR!

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