Dog Busts A Move To Grandma On The Accordion

If stealing the show was against the law, Nathan the dog would be one smooth criminal.

The charming little Chinese Crested pup, who took the internet by storm a few years back for his uncanny ability to boogie along to pop songs, is back and as wiggly as ever.



This time, Nathan is getting his groove on to the cheery sounds of a grandma rocking the accordion – proving without a doubt his incredible versatility as a backup dancer.

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Best of all, Nathan’s signature dance skills aren’t just fun to watch – they’re helping to raise awareness about other pups like him. He’s been serving as a a spokesdog of sorts for the group Bald Is Beautiful dog rescue, putting the spotlight on these unique pets’ playful side.

“Although their looks are considered odd to some, Nathan’s growing fan base is discovering what makes them incredibly special; quirky antics, expressive faces and loving personalities,” his owner wrote on Facebook. “Because of Nathan, adoptions within the rescue have benefitted. Inquiries and interest about the breed has increased and comments have been more positive than ever.”

Here’s another video of Nathan in action, this time grooving to a tune with a bit more rhythm.

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