Despite having only one pair of limbs, this abandoned dog managed to thrive without any help.

People were shocked when they saw a dog begging for food on the side of the road with its back legs cut off. People often wonder what caused this dog to act so quickly.

In the video, a Thai dog who was hungry begged for food on the road before it was helped and fed. The dog was thin and had no bones. His back legs were swollen, and his whole body looked like it had just been through a fire. This made people feel sad.

The dog looked like it had been without food for a long time, so the meal used to taste great. Sad animals looking at the camera make people feel sad in their hearts. Even though his back legs were out of place, the dog was still standing on his other two legs.

Maybe the dog had been hungry for a long time, because food used to make the dog happy.

There have been a lot of comments and shares about the video. Most of them said they were sorry and paid for someone to come help this poor dog.

“I will never be able to stop crying when I see it again. I don’t know where my owner is, and I have to beg for food on the road like this,” V.A. wrote on Facebook.

“Please do something to save this dog; if I find him in Vietnam, I’ll take him home and take care of him.” A good friend named T.L said, “May God bless him with many good problems.”

At the moment, we don’t know if this dog is a stray, but many people have asked for help for this sick dog. Hopefully, the dog will be raised and cared for in one of the best ways in the not too distant future.

No matter what happens to them, whether they are sick or have a physical defect, dogs will always love life as much as they love their owners. Dogs with autism often sit still, which is very unusual. That will make us, the people who own them, happier and make it easier to be around them.

Even if its enemies are much bigger and stronger than it is, the dog will fight and protect its owner until the very end. There have been times when dogs have saved their owners from burning houses or fought off wolves and tigers to save them. This is a very valuable trait that shows dogs are not just pets, but also protectors.

Dogs are, of course, the most obedient animals. It doesn’t mind if you make it do the same thing over and over or stand in weird positions, and it even enjoys learning new things. thing that’s new.

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