Day after day, the dog was strangled by a spring, left to suffer alone without anyone to help.

Recently, netizens had the opportunity to be touched by a story of people’s love for animals in Odessa, a Ukrainian city. One day, a resident accidentally passed by a sewer, suddenly heard a groan, went down to check and discovered that there was a dog in pain trapped below. After that, the man quickly called a local animal rescue organization to help.

When rescuers arrived, they found the dog hiding inside about three or four meters from the mouth of the manhole. After reviewing, they determined that this place can only fit 1 person, so they finally decided to let Ms. Oulia (Oia Chantilly) wear workwear to go into the sewer to rescue the dog.


The dog was finally freed from the sewer, although the dog was very pitiful, but everyone was happy with the hope that this dog still had a chance to be saved.

The dog was seriously injured in the head and legs, especially the neck was caught in a rusted iron pipe, the tube cut into the flesh of the neck, causing him great pain.

Rescuers believe that the dog may have been hooked around the neck by someone maliciously before, and after a long time the tube turned into a collar that wrapped around its neck like that.

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