Cute Little Dog Finds Mom’s Scrunchie And Invents The Game Of Her Life

It has been proven time and time again that dogs are pretty smart creatures. Not only can they follow tons of human commands and recognize hundreds of human words but they are also pretty good at problem-solving situations.

Oftentimes, a dog will just go off on their own and explore their own little world and once they encounter an obstacle or experience a setback, we’ll see them thinking up their own solutions. That’s probably why they dig holes beneath fences, chew through their cages, or learn to tell humans what they want.

While some dogs use their smarts in response to everyday things they experience, a few dogs use it to add to their own little world, to make it more fun and more colorful in a way. Sugar, an adorable little pup, does just that.

According to her mom, Sugar has always had a very playful personality but she’s also super independent and loves playing on her own. Sugar has her own way of doing things and she knows exactly what she wants so she often doesn’t need other people coming along and messing it up.

One day, Sugar discovered scrunchies and with a little fiddling, she discovered the game of her life.

Sugar knows what she wants when it comes to playtime

One day, while Sugar’s mom, Katerina Pope, was blow-drying her hair and had her bottom drawer with all her hair accessories open, Sugar popped her head in and grabbed a scrunchie. Since Sugar didn’t see any harm in it, she let the pup play with it.

“She’s very playful but stubborn,” Katerina Pope, Sugar’s mom said. “She wants you to pay attention to her playing but doesn’t always want to play with you.”

So, she just let her pup fiddle with the scrunchie on her own. After all, it was just a scrunchie, what could she do with it?

Little did she know that that one scrunchie would lead to an obsession of Sugar’s and her favorite game in the world.

Sugar knows what she wants when it comes to playtime

This is what we mean


“All of a sudden a scrunchie came flying past my face and I was so confused,” Pope said. “I gave it back to her and within a minute it happened again, and then again. Ever since the scrunchies haven’t stopped flying.”

Apparently, Sugar discovered that if she held the scrunchie down with her paws and stretched it up with her snout, she could send the scrunchie flying. She could then chase after it, catch it, and do it all over again like a personal fetching game.

It’s impressive that she figured it all out on her own and now, as it seems, it’s the only game she wants to play.

“She plays with them daily, unless I pick them all up, but then she whines trying to get them out of her toy box,” Pope said. “She gets scrunchies stuck all the time. In the hamper, on top of the TV, on my desk, on top of shelves and loses them over the fence.”

Now, Sugar has tons of scrunchies that all belong solely to her. Most people also don’t really believe her obsession over them until they see her in action for themselves.

“I had a home organizer come and help me organize,” Pope said. “She said I had way too many scrunchies — how many does one person realistically need? I said, ‘Well, they’re Sugar’s and she loses them all the time, she likes to shoot them, so the elastic breaks and they go over the fence or in my bowl of cereal and have to be trashed.’

Then a little later, Sugar grabbed a scrunchie and started shooting it all over the room we were in. She was shocked and said, ‘I didn’t think you were serious, I didn’t believe you.’ I was like, ‘I told you!’ We had a good laugh. People don’t understand until they see it in person.”

That tiny pup is honestly impressive with her smarts. She basically created her own slingshot/ fetch kind of game all on her own and now she gets to enjoy it whenever she wants.

The best part of it all is that her owners don’t need to buy her expensive toys anymore. Just a few scrunchies will keep that pup happy.

And while her game might definitely be a little quirky, we’re glad it brings her so much joy, and really, that’s all that matters.

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Written by Jone Dark

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