Couple spends a year trying to rescue a stray dog — watch him walk into their house for the first time 💗 – BuzzOverDose

Couple spends a year trying to rescue a stray dog — watch him walk into their house for the first time 💗

Whenever you come across a stray dog, if you’re a dog lover, you always have the instinct to attempt to become friends with them. Most of the time, they run away — if they’ve been a stray for a while, they aren’t used to interaction and don’t know what to expect.

This couple, though, was determined to befriend a stray dog they found. Joe noticed one day a big starving-looking dog poking his head out of the woods. Apparently, people tend to dump dogs out where the couple lives.

The Dodo on X: "Couple spends a year trying to rescue a stray dog — watch  him walk into their house for the first time 💗" / X

Maria and Joe were unable to get the dog to come up to them, so they decided to bring him food. When they started documenting their journey attempting to befriend this dog, it was fall. Joe held out food in his hand, and the dog came up and grabbed it!

The Dodo on X: "Couple spends a year trying to rescue a stray dog — watch  him walk into their house for the first time 💗" / X

They could clearly tell that the dog had an abusive past because of how scared he was of them. They started calling him Scooby. Joe tried to catch him multiple times, with no success. At times, Scooby would just disappear, leaving them both worried.

When winter came along, they were still unsure of his whereabouts. When the weather started to warm up and summer rolled around, Scooby came out of hiding. When he saw them, he quickly came running.

He started to get closer to them and followed them around on their walks. In the late summer, Scooby got comfortable enough to come up to the couple’s pool outside. Once he was comfortable doing that, he started to stay closer to the house.

Soon, when they came home, they were greeted by Scooby running to them. But even when he started feeling safe, Scooby was still skittish when it came to collars. Then Joe let out their own dog, Samson, and the two dogs immediately became friends.

After finding a friend, and seeing Samson walk into the house, Scooby felt comfortable going inside. Even though it took a year to get to this moment, Scooby finally has a collar of his own, goes up the stairs with Maria, and lets Joe give him all the loving pets he can get. Scooby finally has the loving family that he deserves.

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