Couple Drives Hours To Rescue Senior Beagle Given Away On Facebook

It’s tough being a stray dog in a shelter, waiting to get adopted. That hardship is only exacerbated by age.

The sad reality is so many people want young dogs or puppies. There isn’t a lot of desire for senior dogs. That is quite heartbreaking as senior dogs have so much love to give.

According to The Dodo, there was one senior beagle who was being given away for free on Facebook, who desperately needed a new home.


Maple was not in a good state when she was listed as free on Facebook. She was smelly, her nails were overgrown, and she just looked defeated. Still, that didn’t stop Taylor and her boyfriend from rushing to adopt her.

It was immediately clear to Taylor that Maple’s life had not been an easy one. Still, the senior dog seemed to be quite relieved to have been rescued.


Maple spent the first few days in her new home sleeping. But little by little, Maple started to come out of her shell and adjust to life. A big part of that adjustment came in the form of Cooper, Taylor’s other rescue dog. Cooper and Maple met and instantly hit it off. He helped the shy senior come out of her shell and accept her brand new life of love.

Taylor shared Maple’s change with The Dodo, saying, “She started off as this really, really closed-off and really shy dog, and now she wants to explore everything.”


Maple’s life is quite different these days, as she’s busy living her best life alongside her new best friend. She celebrated her one-year “Gotcha” day anniversary surrounded by the people and pets who love her most!

It’s amazing how the power of love can totally change someone’s life – especially an animal’s.



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