Cat With Injured Eye & Jaw Recovers In 1.5 Months Thanks To SPCA

Animals that prowl our streets are mostly defenceless creatures. When they run into trouble, they’re left to fend for themselves.

Such is the case of Do-Hwan, a cat who was found bleeding and was rushed to a clinic under Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

According to their Facebook post on Wednesday (22 Jul), SPCA vets suspected that Do-Hwan was hit by a vehicle. As a result, he suffered a prolapsed left eye and fractured jaw.


Thankfully, after 1.5 months of foster care and daily jaw exercises, Do-Hwan is on his way to a full recovery.

Cat had trouble eating due to fractured jaw

When vets first received him at the clinic, SPCA shared that they had to surgically remove Do-Hwan’s left eyeball.


As for his jaw, X-rays showed that his jaw was fractured, hence restricting his jaw motion.

Instead of surgery, they decided to consult a specialist vet, who then recommended rehabilitative jaw exercises.

At the start of treatment, Do-Hwan’s jaw condition was so severe that he couldn’t eat on his own. He had trouble swallowing even when he was fed with a syringe.

They ended up using a feeding tube so he could get the nutrients he needed.

Bringing Do-Hwan home for foster care

SPCA clinic manager Khash then decided to bring Do-Hwan home, so that he could administer some tender loving care instead of leaving him alone in the clinic ward.


His efforts paid off. After 1 and a half month of care and daily jaw exercises, Do-Hwan can finally eat without the feeding tube.

In fact, he’s gotten quite unabashed when it comes to asking for food.

Affectionate towards cats, though wary of humans

Given Do-Hwan’s current condition, Khash observed that he’s affectionate towards other cats, but remains wary of humans for now.


Hopefully, it won’t be long till he makes a full recovery. A regular community caregiver is awaiting for his return.

We can’t imagine the trauma and pain Do-Hwan had suffered due to the accident. But it’s nice to know that his chances of getting back to normal life aren’t hampered by his injuries.

Written by Jone Dark

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