Blind Beagle Finds Love and Comfort in the Arms of His New Mom, Overcoming His Loneliness and Embracing a Bright Future.

Shep the blinded beagle was spotted strolling along a road in Alabama. He had previously been brutally harmed; one of his eyes, as well as his neck, had been damaged, while the other eye was completely absent. He, too, was lost and alone.

Shep was adopted by his new mother after being picked up by Two by Two Animal Rescue, which had posted about him on Facebook.

Micah Larsen Brannon, Shep’s mother, stated, “I knew the instant I saw Shep’s photo one night that we were supposed to be together.”

Shep was presumably tied up and left for a time before being discovered, according to a veterinarian. Shep was discovered frozen to death, severely impaired by his eye ailment.

They took him to an ophthalmologist, who determined that Shep’s remaining eye would need to be removed due to serious injury, putting him completely blind.

“No one genuinely knows how long he’s been blind; we don’t know how long his injuries went untreated,” Isaiah added.

However, due to his blindness, the dog appears to be completely at peace.

Shep, who is now eight years old, is ecstatic with his new life. He moves quickly and is capable of doing everything he sets his mind to.

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Written by Jone Dark

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