Annie had served her owner for ten years, but they no longer wanted her and discarded her like trash

Ora was on her way to visit her grandmother last week, and when she saw this little spirit on the side of the road, she stopped to ask and found the owner.

The owner doesn’t want Annie anymore, and by the way, she’s out like trash, in fact, her owner and her son were planning to take her into the forest to throw her away from them.

Of course, Ora took it. Poor Annie was bald, afflicted, suffering from scabies, and starving, she is about 10 years old, very loving, and very gentle. Those ears! Already getting better.

She spent the night at the vet after showering and treating the skin, she cleared all her blood tests!

She is now under the care of Barking Mad Dog Rescue and for her, it will be a long road to recovery!

Day Three: We’re Going Home!

Annie does look better already, but there is still a long way to go to make a full recovery, so any amount helps a lot!

Day 5: Annie is here with her mom, enjoying good food, a safe place with her blanket, and some cuddles from time to time when she feels brave enough!

Day 21: Hala, who I found, has been cared for at home, and her figure shines through every day!


It dances, bat ears are adorable strutting dear, daily baths improve her complexion, slowly gaining weight, she’s in good enough shape to receive her first injection, and it won’t be long until she’s ready for her forever home.

Thanks to all who asked for her, donated to her care and generally fell in love with our sweet Annie, This is why we do this. To see dogs like Annie thrive, and know what it’s like to be a cuddly, pampered dog.

Day 60: Not only is old Annie’s beautiful skin healthy, her fur is growing back and confidence building (thanks to Aura’s incredible dedication) but she’s also on her way to her new home in Switzerland!

We are so happy for you Annie. You’ve been neglected your whole life, then dumped on the streets like trash at the age of 10.

Now that you have been rescued, cared for, and restored to your health, you are on your way home forever, this is what we do for him. Thank you to everyone who donated to Annie’s recovery. Her eyes say it all.

Good morning from Annie in her new home in Switzerland!

All first things: waking up in her cage, feeling comfortable enough to sit on the couch alongside her new family, and exploring her wonderful new garden.

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What an adventure Annie will have. We all have tears in our eyes here at Barking Mad Dog Rescue, We love a happy ending. Thank you very much for your support always!

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