An emaciated dog with no ears and no tongue has been found wandering a street in Ohio alone.

The “neglected dog”—now named Penny—was found on Lincoln Avenue, in the Hubbard Township, with “an open sore on her butt, filled with flies and larvae,” The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project said on Facebook.

The non-profit rescue organization took the dog in and had veterinarians run an assessment for any other issues.

Jason Cooke, founder of the The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project, told Newsweek: “Her condition upon arrival was heartbreaking to say the least—she was extremely emaciated; her beautiful ears had been cut off and she had a sore on her rear. We also noticed that there appeared to be something wrong with her mouth that was limiting her ability to eat and drink.

“If this is your dog, then shame on you and it’ll be over my dead body before she ever goes back to you…” the dog shelter wrote on Facebook.

Following the an assessment, veterinarians found as her were “completely gone,” she will “need to wear ear muffs on occasion to protect her ear canals,” the dog rescue said on Facebook.