After nine years of living in chains, filth, and disease, an old dog is finally given love and care.


The heart-wrenching story of Socrates is one that will leave a mark on anyone who hears it. When I first saw pictures of Socrates, I was heartbroken. He had lived in sickness, dirt, and chains for 9 long years, and it had taken a toll on his body. He was nothing but a bag of bones, covered in scabies and open wounds. I knew I had to do something to help this old man.

Despite being busy with other jobs, I couldn’t let Socrates suffer for another day. The very next day, I went to see him. His body was so weak that it couldn’t handle any more diseases. His eyes were deeply indented, and his face was heavily swollen. I tried speaking to him, but I wasn’t sure if he could even hear me. However, he still had an appetite, which gave me hope that he could be saved.

We had everything prepared to take Socrates to the vet, but I was nervous. I had never dealt with a case like Socrates before, and the responsibility was great. I hoped for a good ending for this soul, but things took a turn for the worse. The test results revealed that he had bone cancer, and his hind leg would need to be amputated.


I prayed that the cancer was treatable and not metastatic. Socrates needed to stay at the vet for treatment, to increase his weight and immune system. I knew it would be a long road ahead, but Socrates had gained weight, and his fur had grown back. He had a strong hope for his future.

I became friends with Socrates and visited him twice a day, cooking him meals and taking him outside to breathe fresh air. However, the fight against his disease was like running in a circle. Socrates developed a fever and diarrhea for two days, and I was worried that he had another viral illness. So, he was moved to Los Angeles to receive faster care for his bone cancer.

Despite all the odds, Socrates was a fighter. He loved to walk, even though it was difficult for him. Doctors decided not to amputate his hind leg due to his age, and everyone wanted Socrates to live the rest of his life without any more risks. He was adopted by a loving family who promised to give him the life he deserved.

The story of Socrates is one of hope, love, and compassion. It shows that no matter how dire the circumstances may seem, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. I will always remember Socrates and the impact he had on my life.

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Written by Jone Dark

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