Adorable Dog Happily Takes Over FaceTime After His Mom Falls Asleep

“I watched Leo walk over to the phone and stare directly into my eyes.”

This is Leo.

Not only is Leo an adorably fluffy little Chihuahua — he also happens to have a natural sense for good manners.

Adorable Chihuahua who took over FaceTiming

For example, the other night, when Leo’s human mom, Brookelyn Bilski, was chatting with her boyfriend Sam Stine over FaceTime, Leo was happy to lie there quietly next to her.

But when Bilksi started to drift off to sleep, Leo knew just what to do.

Chihuahua FaceTiming

“She had fallen asleep with her phone up against her pillow,” Stine told The Dodo.

That’s when Stine realized he was alone in the conversation. Only a couple of moments passed before Leo decided to keep Stine company.

“I watched Leo walk over to the phone and stare directly into my eyes,” Stine told the Press Association.

Adorable Chihuahua who took over FaceTiming

Stine managed to capture a screenshot of the moment.

And Leo’s act of politeness resonated with thousands of people on Twitter after Stine shared it.

“We had a deep meaningful conversation,” Stine said, “and learned a lot about each other.”

Adorable Chihuahua Leo who took over FaceTime

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