Abandoned dog in a firefighters’ training facility is covered with soot and ash

A few days ago I received a text from a retired firefighter named Rudy who is also a Hope For Paws supporter 👨‍🚒❤️🐶

He told me about a dog who took refuge in a training facility for firefighters, and he asked for my help.


I rushed over immediately, and even though I told Rudy he didn’t have to wait for me (it was a 45-minute long drive for me to get there), he stayed with the dog until my arrival.

The little dog was nervous, wouldn’t come close to me, and every time I moved, she retreated to the burnt couch where she spent her nights, and when I got too close, she crawled under the cars that were parked so close to each other and made it difficult for me to move quickly.

I knew I would have to gain her trust and have her come to me and with help from a cheeseburger, I was able to accomplish a pretty smooth rescue 😊

Her transformation is so satisfying to watch – from a scared dog to a happy dog, and from a super dirty dog, to a super clean dog 🥰

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