Abandoned Dog Captured on Camera Smiles Again In A New Home

Abandoned: Snoop’s Heartbreaking Tale

Snoop’s tale began with heartbreak on a roadside in Stoke-on-Trent, where his owner callously abandoned him, leaving him bewildered and alone. As the man drove away, Snoop sat by the discarded dog bed, hoping in vain for his return.

In Search of Belonging: Snoop’s Journey

Rescued by a compassionate passerby and taken to a shelter, Snoop’s story captured the attention of millions when the RSPCA shared it. Despite his initial despondency, Snoop’s gentle nature shone through, revealing a dog longing for a new beginning.

A Ray of Hope: Snoop’s Viral Appeal

As Snoop’s story spread, an outpouring of support flooded in, with countless families expressing interest in providing him with a forever home. Amidst the overwhelming response, the RSPCA faced the daunting task of selecting the perfect match for Snoop.

A Perfect Match: Snoop Finds His Forever Home

After careful consideration, Laurence Squire emerged as the ideal candidate to offer Snoop the love and stability he deserved. With a spacious home and a dedicated owner, Snoop’s future looked brighter than ever before.

photo of Laurence and Snoop playing

photo of Snoop with his new owner

Happily Ever After: Snoop’s New Beginning

Today, Snoop radiates joy in his newfound home, relishing the simple pleasures of companionship and comfort. With Laurence by his side, Snoop has finally found the love and security he once thought lost forever.

photo of snoop smiling

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