Abandσned Pup Whσ Lσst All Hσpe Was Cσmpletely Transfσrmed With 2 Weeks Of Lσve

Ellen is one exceptional Abandoned Pup who never lost hope that things would turn for the better for her. And that did happen after she was spotted wandering the streets of Fresno, California, by the volunteers from a local shelter. Taking the dog in was the first thing they did after they realized the severity of her health condition. Not only Ellen was malnourished and fragile, but her skin was in such a bad shape that it was all red, sore, and hairless, too.

Abandoned Pup

Because of her appearance, no one could believe how this sweet soul was only five months old as she looked way older.

The medical assistance Ellen was in need of couldn’t be provided for her by the shelter workers who took her off the streets, so they asked Shirley Zindler of the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project to step in. Needless to say, they accepted her with open arms and were determined to turn her into a happy and healthy dog.



Ellen’s recovery wasn’t fast because she needed antibiotics and continuous medicated baths, but eventually, she started feeling better and her hair started growing again. Once the pain faded away, Ellen’s vibrant personality started shining. She now enjoys playing with toys and the rest of the dogs.



Ellen’s story is just another example of what love can do to a dog. She’s now looking beautiful and is ready to live her new life to the fullest.

As people learned about this gorgeous dog, many said they are willing to adopt her and give her a forever home. So soon enough, she’ll be enjoying her days with a family.

Below is the video of Ellen’s transformation. This is a must see.

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