Abandσned Dσg Fσund Wandering In The Streets With The Mσst Sad Nσte On Her Cσllar

Abandoned Dog Found Wandering In The Streets With The Most Sad Note On Her Collar

A local citizen found Lilo, a dog wandering the street with a heartbreaking note in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The animal shelter shared what was written in the note and it was very heartbroken.

The note said that the dog’s name is Lilo and his mama became homeless, so, she was not able to take care of him anymore along with her two children. In the end of the note “please don’t abuse me” was written.

The McKamey Animal Shelter shared the note on Facebook along with their answer, that was that they were taking care of the dog at the very best, and they hope that her mama will come to get her back as the dog really misses her.

Thankfully, the post was seen by the mama, and the shelter was able to locate her. They are now trying to work with her mama to give them resources, shelter, and a safe haven to stay with her dog together.

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