A Young Man Touched The Hearts Of Millions Of People By Saying Farewell To His Dog After A Long Struggle To Save Him


All of the times we spend with our loved ones have an unexplainable worth that we hold dear to our hearts. And the same thing happens with our dogs, which for many people become like family members.

But, as much as we love so many adventures with him, we are aware that his time in this country is limited. When they become ill and the time comes for them to depart this world, it is the most difficult pill for any owner to swallow.

It’s the story of Merv Tolentino Dumanat, of Taguig, Philippines, who has been expressing his sorrow for a few months, day by day, on social media after his beloved dog Shadow was diagnosed with a blood disorder.

Merv touched many people’s hearts, and Shadow’s tale began to spread over the world, to the point that millions of people were following the relapses, treatments, diagnoses, and transfusions minute by minute…

Shadow, the lovely Siberian husky, enjoyed touching moments with his owner, and his Facebook page is full with emotional messages, which helped his tale go viral:

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“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, intelligent or not, intelligent or not. He will give you his heart if you offer him yours… Dogs do not make our lives full, but they do make them more complete. Always!” Merv authored an article.

Until, as Merv recalled in the middle of terrible suffering, the unavoidable happened and Shadow crossed the rainbow:

“I lost my dearest friend, kid, travel companion, and everything.” It’s difficult to move ahead when everything you see in your house, on your phone, and elsewhere is about him. Merv cried, “I wish I could do anything to make this pain go away.”

“These brief lives that our dogs have with us, and they spend the most of them waiting for us to return home every day,” he continued.

Merv closed with a poignant statement, which he supplemented by a video of Shadow being laid to rest at Pet Valley Park and Crematory:

“I’m not sure where to begin without Shadow in my life.” I can’t sleep and I can’t stop weeping. I’m at a loss on what to do next to alleviate the discomfort. My darling, I did everything I could to save you. I wish that had been a nightmare from which I could have awoken.

Dad has no idea how to get out of bed without you. There are other more travel objectives. We should have a party to commemorate your special day. Dad will always be proud of you. I feel as though another piece of my heart and soul has been taken from me. Shadow is everything to me. He shouted, “God help me!” when he touched the most sensitive of thousands of fibers in the networks.

“At this point, you’re free to go.” I adore you. There will be no more discomfort, injections, or medicine. To the moon and back, I shall always adore you with every beat of my heart.”

Merv and his entire family can be seen in the film paying their last goodbyes to yet another relative.

As Merv pointed out, saying farewell to a loved one is one of the most difficult things to do.

He now understands that his sixth birthday will be celebrated on the other side of the rainbow. She also thanked everyone who followed the Shadow process and bombarded their social media accounts with expressions of solidarity and support:

“Words can’t convey how appreciative I am for all of your lovely messages. I try to read and answer to each one as soon as possible. It’s really lovely!”


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