A Ukrainian man discovers a box with puppies on the roadside, saving them from a bleak fate.

A Ukrainian woman named  Olena Pyanov is running a YouTube channel called Love Furry Friends, where she films the rescue of stray and abandoned animals. She recently came across a heartbreaking case. She was called by a good samaritan who reported having found two abandoned puppies in a cardboard box.

Olena rushed to the location determined to rescue the puppies. The man tells her he cannot care for the puppies since they are so young and need constant care and his busy schedule would not allow it.

The puppies looked a little scared in the video after having been abandoned for who knows how long. The first thing Olena does is open a can of puppy food for them in her car, knowing that the puppies will be hungry since their last meal must have been a while ago.

As soon as Olena opens the can of puppy food, the little babies chow down with a lot of gusto! Clearly, they had not eaten in a while. With their tummies full, Olena sets off to the next task on her puppy care checklist; take them to the vet.

She takes them to the vet for a check-up to see if they are healthy and to find out more about them. Olena found out that the puppies were only 3 weeks old! And that they needed to be fed warm milk every 2-3 hours because of their young age; a taxing undertaking!

The puppies were male and female. Olena gave them names, Gerda for the female and Totoshka for the male!

But not one to shy away from a challenge let alone a challenge that involves adorable little puppies, Olena embraced it with open arms. She took the puppies home and provided them with a warm bed and frequent meals; as advised by the vet!

Totoshka and Gerda are not the first puppies Olena has rescued and certainly will not be the last ones either! Olena has been rescuing and feeding stray dogs for years.

The Ukrainian native has doubled down on her efforts since the war broke out in her country. As people flee the country, sometimes they abandon their pets. And that is where Olena comes in, making sure the pets are taken care of!

Olena does everything on her own. From finding the animals to taking them for a checkup and helping with their treatment. She helps finds dogs and puppies their forever homes and pays for whatever cost she incurs herself. She is also helped by the generous donations of her benefactors.

Olena truly is inspiring. And she deserves a lot of appreciation for what she does for these animals! In these tough times, she has made sure that animals are not left behind and are protected! What a hero!

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