A scared puppy hides in a corner until the heavy mark of his past is removed

A time ago, animal control authorities spotted a furry in a woodland. He had a large leather strap fastened to a chain and he had also been tied to a tree.

The tiny animal was in the bones and looked extremely scared. Judging by the landscape, someone had put him there with the express aim that he die. He had no food or drink within his grasp.

“When we discovered him, we were confident his prior existence must have been terribly painful,” said Courtney Bellew, Director of Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation at Snarr.

They called him Stewart and brought him to a shelter . The initial days of any puppy at a shelter are usually difficult, but Stewart’s case was particularly horrific. He spent the whole day hunched in a corner.

“I didn’t want anybody to touch it. He was hidden in a corner. He was definitely scared,” stated one of the helpers.

Every time someone attempted to go near to him, he would do nothing except back away, snarl and hide his small head . All of them are strong indicators that he experienced unjust and unpleasant treatment. He was so scared that no one could pull that heavy leather collar off him.

“Stewart was so agitated by our presence that we had a new notion. We thought we’d let him relax,” said Rebecca Rood, one of the helpers.

For a puppy in these circumstances it might be quite difficult to find a permanent home . However, the volunteers were eager to aid him. They decided to attempt to give her more time and space, but nothing worked.

He was hardly eating and they had not been able to take him to the vet . It was then that Courtney decided to sedate him to move him and undertake a number of tests.


The vet provided him a treatment so that he might begin to rebuild his strength. Courtney took advantage of the time in which the furry was sedated to remove that terrible jewelry .

When Stewart woke up and felt free of that tremendous load, his demeanor changed forever. He for the first time ventured to glance at the volunteers and looked ready to attempt to interact with them.

“That belt around her neck was a weight from her history. When we pulled it off he began to open up and even wag his tail,” Courtney recalled.

Anyone may have heard Stewart’s mournful sighs and given up . Fortunately, this furry one encountered the greatest rescuers and now there is no doubt that he will make a complete recovery.

We don’t know what this tiny dog had to go through to fear people so much, but every act of affection that his rescuers offer him will help him put his horrific past behind him.

Do not go without spreading this letter to remember that all pups deserve a second chance

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