A rescue dog, who was once furless, is finally adopted and recovers to become the fluffiest angel. – BuzzOverDose

A rescue dog, who was once furless, is finally adopted and recovers to become the fluffiest angel.

Light shine Canine is a non-profit organization that rescues strays and unwanted dogs in Pine Ridge and other Indian Reservations in South Dakota. They came across a hairless roaming pup and immediately took her in.

They could not tell what age the dog was nor what breed because of its lack of hair. The volunteers estimate that she was around 2 years old at the time she was brought to the rescue.


The volunteers could see that her skin was raw and red. They’ve seen this situation enough to understand that they knew she was suffering from chronic manage and other skin infections– all painful for a dog.

She was also weak from hunger that she can hardly move when they tried to feed her. She was called Tiny Dancer in the beginning but when she was turned over to another canine rescue, she was renamed Mikita.

She was fostered by a volunteer from Happy Tails Rescue. They began treating Mikita’s manage and eventually, her fur started to grow back.

Because of this they found out that Mikita is a husky and that’s when Mikita met her human. Jessi Sova was looking for a brand-new pup to provide her own rescue, Kane, a new buddy.

When she reviewed Mikita’s story on Facebook, Jessi recognized she had to meet her. She wasted no time applying to adopt Mikita and set up a meet.

Kane came with Jessi when they initially met Mikita. Both dog and human fell in love with Mikita’s wonderful disposition and that sealed the offer.

At first, they believed Mikita required surgery but the vets assured them that Mikita will completely recover once she experiences a rigorous antibiotic therapy. Jessi raised money to cover Mikita’s bills and any cash they had leftover was given away to several charities and causes.

They just found out that Mikita remained in any kind of pain after she woke Jessi one evening, weeping.

Mikita usually wakes Jessi up at night when she needs anything however her cries that night were excruciating. Mikita could not move her legs to stand and they rushed her to the hospital.

After the successful therapy, Mikita is now in her truest form a caring, playful, high-energy, fluffly angel!

She’s free to snooze and cuddle beside her bro, Kane. They hold each other’s paws to make sure the other is safe and well.

Once Mikita fully recovered from her discospondylitis, all of her furs grew back. Although she can’t bend her back too much, that does not stop her from playing with Kane a whole lot more.

It took a while for Mikita to get her endurance and endurance up but once she got it, she became unstoppable. It simply goes to reveal that with enough patience and love, our canine friends bounce back from any terrible experience they might have had.

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