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A puppy, on the brink of death in the snow, defies the odds and survives, all thanks to the transformative healing influence of love and care

When a woman responded to a call about a puppy on the verge of hypothermia, she had no idea what she was going to find.

A man with a rock for a heart had thrown the poor little furry guy inside a cardboard box covered in snow to the point of freezing.

A hypothermic little pup was fighting for his life in the freezing temperatures.



Tamara was heartbroken to see how such a small and vulnerable creature could be hurt. If she hadn’t answered the call for help, it was only a matter of hours before the little guy left this cruel world.

Without hesitating for a second, she took the baby in her arms and carefully took him to a veterinary clinic.



The puppy’s condition was extremely serious, his body temperature was so low that the vet couldn’t even detect it, and he was breathing very weakly and barely moving.

Since he was extremely dehydrated, his little body looked so fragile and he had no pressure, unfortunately, they could not do any other tests to assess his real condition.

Tamara is a volunteer with the Dublin Shelter rescue group. These heroes took the little boy in, and from that point on, they did everything they could to get the puppy to defy fate and save his life.

They named him Joseph because the poor boy needed a miracle to keep him going.



At the clinic, they proceeded to place him on a heating pad so that he could regain his ideal body temperature.

Although this seemed like a good option, unfortunately, everything started to get complicated by the simple fact that his breathing was getting weaker and weaker.

Little José needed to receive a blood transfusion. He would have to spend several days in the hospital while the veterinarians waited for a miracle to happen, but faith and hope were the last things to go and they would never stop fighting.



After a few days of this, he started to improve incredibly.

They discovered that his main problem was not only that he had arrived in a state of hypothermia, but also that he was infested with parasites inside, which were eating him. This was causing him a lot of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and general weakness.

So they proceeded with an immediate deworming, and Jose, despite his small size and delicate condition, didn’t seem to want to give up at all, clinging to life from the first second he arrived at the clinic.



The next day, the puppy started showing signs of life, which was encouraging and hopeful for everyone.

Although he was still in pain and needed intravenous medication, which could be very uncomfortable for him, all the vets tried their best to make Jose feel confident and in as little pain as possible.



Thanks to the selflessness of his heroes, who spared no effort to ensure his recovery, and especially thanks to the deep love with which they treated him, they quickly announced on their networks that Jose was recovering wonderfully.

It is only a matter of time before the puppy, to whom a heartless man wanted to reserve the worst fate, will be completely transformed and finally receive the tender love he has always deserved.

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