A man and his dog leaped into a frigid lake to rescue another dog that had slipped in.

Timofey Yuriev and his dog Kira have been best friends since since they first met last year. Together, they do everything, even saving lives.

In Irvington, New York, USA, Yuriev, his wife Melissa Kho, and Kira went for a twilight stroll around a frozen lake. An approaching tragedy’s sound broke the quiet.

Two dogs were imprisoned in the lake’s center. They appeared to have given up.

Timofey and Kira dived into the water to save the two animals as a result, without second thought.


Timofey boldly broke through the ice to reach the other two canines, who were stranded separately, and they were captured on camera as he did so. Kira was always on his side.

As the other dogs are being dragged out of the icy water, the pup even seems to nudge them in the proper way. They construct a route in the water together, and slowly make their way back to land.

On Facebook, Melissa shared the footage and wrote:

I recently saw something incredible: my husband and our dog rescued two dogs who were caught on ice.

She relates that as they were strolling around the lake, two dogs belonging to a different owner walked down to the other end and began to cross it before falling through the ice.

She uttered:

“We mistakenly believed they could swim, but it soon became clear that they were incapable of doing so and had given up on attempting to escape. So, when we drew nearer, Tim dived in.”

Timofey, who was raised in Kazakhstan and studied in Siberia, claimed that when he was just seven years old, his grandpa showed him how to swim on the ice.

Knowing that time was of the importance, he observed as the dogs’ vitality was swiftly sapped by the icy water.

“I instantly took off my clothes and entered the house when I spotted the first dog. It was pretty risky. They were trapped. After some time of trying to escape, they simply stopped moving. They were in trouble, as I could see. There was nothing else to do.

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