Chained, Hungry, and Thirsty on a Balcony: A Dog’s Horrific Battle for Freedom

In the bustling streets of Cairo, Egypt, the inhabitants gazed upwards upon hearing heart-wrenching yelps. To their astonishment, a German Shepherd dangled precariously from a balcony on the third floor. The fact that the distressed dog could summon the strength to cry out for assistance was nothing short of remarkable.



Bella, the courageous canine, found herself suspended by her neck, her life hanging in the balance. A chain tightly constricted her, preventing her from plummeting to the ground. However, given Bella’s size, this same chain could have easily become the cause of her demise.

The duration of Bella’s plight remained a mystery, though some speculated that she endured this horrific ordeal for up to five agonizing hours. Eventually, a compassionate individual managed to gain access to the apartment and rescue Bella from her perilous predicament.

The shocking truth soon emerged. Bella was emaciated, a shadow of her former self, confined to a narrow and squalid balcony. Such a pitiful existence was unfit for any dog. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) promptly intervened and seized Bella from her abhorrent circumstances.


Never again would Bella endure the misery of residing amidst filth. Through the collective efforts of Special Needs Rescue and Rehabilitation, Bella found sanctuary in a foster home located in the United States.

Now residing in the vibrant state of Texas, Bella revels in her newfound freedom. She frolics in a spacious yard, accompanied by a fellow canine companion. No longer subjected to the harsh realities of her past, Bella lives as royalty, reclining upon her very own plush couch.


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