A Dog Who Lived By Herself In A City For Six Years Receives Her First Cheeseburger

When their rescue finally came, this poor dog had lived alone in a crate for 6 long years. There was another dog nearby, but the two had no contact with each other.

Since the dogs were isolated for so long, the rescue didn’t know what to expect. They were filthy and smelled horrid. But none of that mattered, the dogs needed help and the rescue gave it to them.

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But the dogs surprised them. They were loving and grateful to be out of their crates. Spud was adopted out first since he was in better shape. Angelica had a harder time since she was so weak from being confined to a crate for years.

Angelica was a determined dog and wanted to get better. She did her therapy and slowly started to get stronger. Everything was new to the sweet pup and despite her past, began to embrace life.

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She got her first toy, her first car ride, and her first trip to the dog park, where she quickly made friends who fell in love with her. She even got to get her first cheeseburger and deserved every single delicious bite.

On one of Angelica’s trips to the dog park, she chose a couple and kept going up to them. The couple instantly fell in love with her. They adopted her and everyone knew that that’s where she was meant to be.



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Another great moment for Angelica was meeting up with her old friend, Spud. The two got to be up close for the first time despite all their time being confined together. Of course, they were over the moon and loved playing together.

These two sweet pups were so thankful to be saved and both got the love they never had before. But they were so resilient and instantly decided to trust the people who saved them. Their story is so inspiring and proves how amazing dogs are.

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They both choose to embrace life and move on from their past. It’s so awesome that they still get to see each other and have both found loving forever homes. We hope you enjoyed their sweet story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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