A courageous woman successfully rescues 10 cute puppies who are entrapped in a rocky den, displaying her bravery and commitment to ensuring their safety.

As he strolled around Sarajevo, Bosnia, a man named Mark (who preferred not to disclose his surname) was drawn to an unusual whimpering sound. He saw a cardboard box resting among the trees on the side of the road and approached it. To his surprise, he found four abandoned puppies snuggled together in the soil, emitting sounds of distress and calling for assistance.

The Dodo reported that Lisa, the wife of Mark, shared that he never even considered leaving the puppies behind. The couple, known as The Nomadic Canadians, had given up their jobs and sold their house to embark on a worldwide journey. While staying at a rented apartment in Sarajevo, Mark spotted the adorable puppies. Fortunately, their rental host permitted them to keep the puppies temporarily while they pondered their next move.


It was quite a challenge to manage four lively puppies in such a small area. Lisa shared that the cute little ones would wake up every few hours, so she and Mark had to take turns sleeping to keep an eye on them. They tried their best to keep the pups entertained, but it wasn’t an effortless task. Although they loved the puppies, Mark and Lisa realized that it wouldn’t be possible to take them with them on their trip. They were stuck wondering how they could possibly find someone to adopt the furry friends in a foreign land.

Lisa shared that her mind was spinning with thoughts of what to do next. They experienced a mix of emotions for the next six days – feeling heartbroken that the dogs were abandoned, grateful that they found them, anxious about what to do next, happy to spend time with them, lacking sleep, afraid and stressed that they wouldn’t find a solution, but still hopeful and determined. Lisa and her partner had lost their own dog, Kelso, three years ago, so they couldn’t give up on these dogs.


Lisa expressed her love for dogs and stated that leaving them behind was out of the question. Fortunately, a local family took an interest in the puppies while they were being walked outside the apartment complex. They assisted in finding a suitable place for them to stay and after some searching, the couple came across Save The Animals Now, a shelter with ample space. Lisa was relieved to see that the puppies would be well taken care of and expressed her contentment as tears rolled down her cheeks. She believed that this was all meant to happen, and that fate had played its part in bringing the family and the shelter together.

After some time passed, the couple received wonderful news. The four puppies they rescued had all found loving homes and were awaiting their new families. It was a heartwarming outcome that wouldn’t have been possible without their intervention. These furry friends, once abandoned on the roadside, would now receive the care and attention they deserved. You can watch the video of their rescue here:

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