A Brave Dog Protects Its Owner Against The Sudden And Dangerous Attack Of A Mountain Lion

Dogs make for such loyal and faithful friends. When their owners are in distress, they always step in to help, even if it puts them in danger. They have remarkable intuition.

similar to the fearless dog who successfully repelled a mountain lion while also saving the life of her owner.

The happy owner of Eva, a 2-and-a-half-year-old Belgian Malinois, is Erin Wilson of Trinity County, California. Just moments earlier, they had been enjoying a peaceful walk by the river when suddenly the calm day had become dangerous.


A mountain lion allegedly sprang at Erin while howling and tore through her jacket, according to the Sacramento Bee. Erin called out for Eva because there was no one else nearby, and the devoted dog ran to her aid.

As of Erin Eva bravely approached the mountain lion, “hitting that creature quite hard,” and diverting the big cat’s focus away from Erin. The mountain lion, however, outmatched the dog and “latched on to her head,” inflicting severe pain.

The big cat was quickly defeated by Erin using rocks and wood as weapons. She also enlisted the ᴀssistance of a pᴀssing driver to help her, who used pepper spray to neutralize the wild animal.

The courageous dog survived after being taken to the hospital, despite all odds. To ᴀssist with Eva’s medical costs, Erin set up a GoFundMe page. She claims that her hero is recovering and that the medical professionals are “optimistic.”

She is still very sedated until we are certain that the pressure inside of her skull has lessened because she is still not out of danger, the author added. She has a punctured sinus cavity, two fractures in her skull, and a lot of edema around her left eye, which has affected her vision.



Despite suffering horrific injuries, Eva managed to save the life of her owner.



Capt. Patrick Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife argues that it is plausible to conclude that the dog saved the woman’s life.

Erin posted on GoFundMe that “my puppy is my hero” and that “I owe her my life.”

You’re a brave woman, Eva! We appreciate your bravery in defending your owner by battling this mountain lion. It reminds us of the loyalty and vigilance that dogs possess.

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