A 100-year-old woman just got an 11-year-old dog, and the two are a wonderful fit

Senior shelter dogs have a difficult time finding permanent homes. Adopters often reject these older dogs in favor of puppies, fearing the responsibility of caring for an older dog.

Older dogs need homes just as much as anyone else—they just want to end their lives in a safe, loving environment.

It’s wonderful to know that there are people in the world who are willing to adopt older pets. Recently, an older dog was adopted by an even older woman, and they are a perfect match.

A hoarding situation involving 21 dogs, including an 11-year-old Chihuahua-mixed breed named Gnocchi, was reported by Today. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue took the dogs in.

Finding a new home for Gnocchi was challenging, since it is difficult to find someone willing to take in a senior dog, and Gnocchi reportedly needed to be in a one-dog household.

Luckily, he discovered his soul mate, a 100-year-old woman named Johanna Carrington, soon.

After the death of her previous pet, Rocky, Johanna wanted to adopt another dog. Her family, however, was concerned that shelters wouldn’t let a woman of her age adopt a dog. A friend then connected her with Muttsville, and the shelter realized she was a perfect match for Gnocchi.

It was obvious from the moment the little dog visited Johanna’s home that it was meant to be there.

“It was amazing how he came to the house,” says Johanna. “He saw me sitting on my chair, jumped up on me, and sat down. He immediately became our child.”

According to reports, Gucci has settled into his new home and is having a great time bonding with Johanna. Gnocchi, now known as Gucci, has been provided with a lot of toys.

Dogs can be wonderful companions for senior citizens, and Muttsville believes that senior dogs can benefit from the companionship of a younger dog. This match is part of the shelter’s “Seniors for Seniors” program.

“We are thrilled to announce that sweet GNOCCHI is getting to spend his golden years in his wonderful new home,” Muttsville wrote on Facebook. “We were pleased to match these two wonderful seniors together.”

Elderly person adopting a dog is not a simple decision; many dogs wind up in shelters after their owners pass away and leave them behind without any rehoming plans. However, the rescue promises to take the dog back if anything occurs, as well as offering services like temporary foster care.

Johanna isn’t solely caring for Gucci; she has a caregiver who gives Gucci daily walks, and her daughter Debbie Carrington, 64, provides assistance.

Gucci has already made a big difference in Debbie’s life, she says.

“Gucci has brought laughter back into the house after she lost her previous dog,” Debbie said in an interview with Today. “It had been quiet and gloomy, but now Gucci makes her smile by playing around and doing silly things. She particularly enjoys when he lays on her lap while she sits in her recliner or sleeps in her bed.”

Animals bring a lot of joy to our house,” Johanna said. “It’s extraordinary.” “I just adore him.”

This is a perfect marriage made in heaven and a win-win situation: Gucci, a senior dog, found a new residence where he may spend his golden years, and Johanna has a new pal to brighten her life.

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