8 years of friendship: Bulldog’s warm reunion with his beloved monkey friend after many years apart

When I was a child, besides cartoons for children, this is my favorite program! Because the actions of these two animals are very funny and cute, not only that, but they also help cure my childhood illness.

“Journey of Dogs and Monkeys” is a Japanese performance that has been broadcast from mid-August 2005 to present.

Surely you are still impressed with these two friends, this is the intelligent Monkey “Tieu Bang” and the Bulldog “Jamestown”. They were taught lessons about etiquette in human life by the trainer Cung Trach Hau, and they also completed many of the tasks that Mr. Cung Trach assigned.

This is also a performance with a very unique style, making these two friends have a large fan base everywhere.

Do you know what their life is like now?

In 2004, Tieu Bang went to the zoo in Miyazaki district. At that time, he had just turned 10 years old, his personality also changed a lot. Not only that, Tieu Bang also bit and injured a female employee here. They were supposed to hold a grand concert before they “retired”, but for that reason the show was halted.

And it was also not possible to proceed with the filming of Tieu Bang’s return to the zoo. The staff here all hope that Tieu Bang can have a family and baby monkeys of her own.

In 2012, the director of Chi Thon Zoo, who always trains Tieu Bang, visited it. Taking off his human clothes, he looks no different from other monkeys

The good news is that Tieu Bang has finally found her mate and has many baby monkeys. Surely there will be a lot of people excited for it!

Her daughter was also born last year

Currently, Tieu Bang is very happy, always with her wife by her side (It’s the arrogant girl in the photo taken last year)

Currently, Tieu Bang is very happy, always with her wife by her side (It’s the arrogant girl in the photo taken last year)

That’s right, this is his hometown…

What a joy for Tieu Bang! Surely he is living a very happy life because he has a loving family, wife and daughter!

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