Dog is perplexed as to why the man outside the window refuses to play with her.

She even brought him her toy!

“She LOVES people, almost more than treats,” Natalie Koppel, Aubrey’s mom, told The Dodo. “All she wants is to play with every person that walks by her and she can never get enough attention!”

cute dogcute dog

Recently, Aubrey was hanging out at home with her family when, suddenly, a man appeared outside her window. As he started to wash the windows, Aubrey was skeptical — for about 30 seconds. Then, she decided the man was her new best friend.

Just like with every new friend, Aubrey desperately wanted to try and get the man to play with her. She tried bringing him her favorite fish toy and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t take it from her, even though he clearly wanted to.

“He smiled so big,” Koppel said. “It looked like he wanted to actually take her toy when she offered it to him and play with her … He pretended to grab it through the window and you could tell she really wanted to give it to him and play.”

Even though the man wasn’t able to play with her, Aubrey wasn’t discouraged. She kept jumping up on the window, saying hi and letting the man know how happy she was that he was there.

“She stayed by the window with him the whole time he was cleaning our windows,” Koppel said. “She could not keep her attention off of him and kept jumping on the window sill to try and get as close as possible to him.”

Finally, it was time for the man to move on to the next window. He waved goodbye to Aubrey and went on his way — but she definitely wasn’t ready to see him go.

“She seemed so sad her new friend was gone,” Koppel said. “She kept looking down at him from our balcony above and did not like to see him leave.”

Luckily, Aubrey’s window washer friend saw the video Aubrey’s parents posted of her being so excited to see him — and they were able to arrange a time for the pair to meet so he could finally throw her favorite fish toy for her!

Aubrey was so excited to get to meet the man face to face, and he was just as thrilled to meet her, too. She now considers him one of her very best friends, and any time he stops by to clean her window, it’ll undoubtedly make her whole day.

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