Great Dane Darla was sent to AdoptADane Rescue Qld because she had a terrible skin issue.

She was very sad and in a great deal of pain, and she only had little patches of fur remaining on her body. Rescuers suspected that Darla had mange because of her skin condition.

Initially, everyone suspected carelessness, but as they dug further, they discovered something far more sinister.

The family took Darla to the doctor and even got a second opinion, but the local veterinarians weren’t very competent, and no one had ever diagnosed mange before. Instead, the veterinarians suggested euthanasia when her health deteriorated for six months.

They didn’t want her to suffer any longer, but they also didn’t want to put her to sleep. Thankfully, they were able to locate AdoptADane Rescue Qld and make arrangements for the rescue to take her in.

Due to feelings of shame and responsibility, they handed her over to the rescue team and asked that they save her.

A member of the rescue team said, “They were genuinely wonderful individuals they simply didn’t realize what they were dealing with.”

Despite the difficulty, the rescue was successful in improving Darla’s condition. Even though it had been unwell for six months, the dog was healthy again after only two. Her rescuers also found a permanent, loving home for her.

Darla’s case exemplifies the fact that even medical professionals make mistakes.

However, happily, Darla’s loved ones were able to track down assistance for her in the end, although at a price.