Dog owners have such a strong attachment to their four-legged children that they care for their pets in the same manner that they would for their own children.On a brisk day in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kristina Hollie and her coworker were waiting for the bus when they saw a friendly dog conducting errands with his owner. The pair was ready to enter the post office when the lady was informed that dogs are not permitted inside the building.

The dog’s owner was forced to go inside the post office without her beloved pet, so she had no choice but to tie her dog up to a tree outside the building and wrap her jacket around the animal’s body as it shivered. When she tied her dog up to the tree, she took off her jacket and wrapped it around the animal’s body.

The kind owner was worried that the tiny puppy could feel chilly while waiting for her to conclude her business inside the post office. The adorable dog remained still and proudly in his station while his mother wrapped the jacket over him.

A friendly head bump was exchanged between them just before to his mother beginning to step into the post office. Hollie stated, “As soon as she stood up and went by me, I told her that what she done was really kind and kind,” and “I told her that it was wonderfully nice and thoughtful.” “Her response was, ‘Thank you!’” she said. I’m worried that he could get chilly!’”

“The wind was howling and it was really chilly. I was paying attention, and I observed that he was noticeably shivering. It is clear that she was also aware of the situation since she promptly removed her jacket and draped it over the dog as he was sitting. According to what Kristina Hollie stated in an article for The Dodo, “Perhaps she worried he would kick it off, so she leaned down and zipped it up around him.”

When other people saw the dog wearing the jacket, they couldn’t stop themselves from snapping photographs of him, and some of them even patted him on the head.

Hollie stated, “I observed two or three people going by him and they mentioned that he looked quite adorable and that he seemed to be extremely warm.”

When Hollie’s bus arrived, it was time for her to say goodbye to the adorable puppy. Observing the lady provide such excellent care for her animal made her realize that there are still really kind people in the world. Hollie was relieved to learn this.