“Petra is emaciated, in so much agony, and so worn out that she can hardly move at all. When they met her for the first time, the people at Save A Greek Stray realized they had to step in and save her since she had been battling far too many challenges for far too long.

For a good number of years, the dog had been surviving on its own in the streets of Oropos, which is a rural neighborhood in Athens, Greece. But the passage of time had taken its toll, and now her body was wracked with a variety of diseases and illnesses.

They gave her the name Petra, which is the Greek word for “stone,” because of her scaly and stony appearance caused by mange. They uploaded images of her to social media, where an experienced dog rehabilitator named Valia Orfanidou saw them and became interested in helping her.

She was moved by the dog even though she had never seen it, and she wrote in her journal, “Even though she was badly malnourished and her face had been turned into stone by mange, the way she gazed directly into the camera made her appear magnificent.” It was almost as though she was staring right into your heart.

Because of her feelings for Petra, Valia decided to contact the rescue organization in order to set up a visit.

“At the time, I was not a volunteer at that shelter; yet, I looked forward to receiving updates about her every week,” Valia said in her post. “I finally got to meet her a few months after she had totally healed from everything that had been wrong with her, including mange, leishmaniasis, ehrichia, and just about everything else you can think of,” the author writes.

Petra had a condition that was much worse than all of her physical problems, and that was the fact that she did not trust anybody. Valia had rescued dogs in the past who were considered “hopeless” situations, but she instantly saw that Petra had this problem.

“Despite the love and attention she had been getting for the last several months, she was still too scared, hesitant to leave her cage, and would snarl at the other dogs,” Valia adds. “This was despite the fact that she had been receiving both.”

Valia started working alongside of her. “The first time I walked her, it took us an hour to traverse a distance that was only a few meters from her cage,” she added. “Her cage was just a few meters away.” “With each passing week, she became more amenable to going for a walk; she also began accepting being petted and the presence of other dogs.”

Valia said that she had never seen her friend take a step in the wrong direction up until the present day, when she had finally arrived where she is now.

Petra was able to start opening her heart once she had a lot of patience and a lot of time.

Valia describes the dog that previously seemed to be made of stone and with a heart of stone as having evolved into a “happy, sociable, friendly, ideal dog.” One thing is still lacking, and that is a permanent place to call home. Petra may be purchased through Save A Greek Stray if you are located in Greece.