A young woman spent over three hours by her pet horse after the enormous beast became stuck in muck. The horse was ultimately saved after a race against time as the sea rose quickly. Initially, the heroic mother was successful in rescuing both her daughter and another horse.

This mother-daughter team and their two horses’ beach trip quickly turned into a nightmare. Nicole Graham was riding 17-year-old Astro while her daughter Paris was on a smaller horse when the enormous beasts became mired in muck. In a desperate attempt to save her daughter and her horse, the mother ran.

Astro was struggling to find his way out and his desperate efforts to free himself only sank him even more. So his owner clung to him trying to calm him down until, while the young daughter Paris was seeking for help. The girl went to their car from where she was able to call for help. Meantime, her mom remained next to Astro.

By the time a rescue team arrived, both the horse and his owner were exhausted. But fortunately, they were able to pull Astro so safety, after sedating him. The experience was a terrifying one for Graham who owns ten horses.

“It was terrifying. The sight of my horse laboring and being worn out was extremely upsetting, the woman told the Geelong Advertiser. Every time I moved, the mud pulled me back down because it was everywhere. It refused to let us leave.

Thanks to the efforts of the fire department’s team, which included a veterinarian and a local farmer, the horse was saved. Thankfully, Astro merely became dehydrated rather than being hurt.

“It was a race against the tide and fortunately we won,” said fire lieutenant Roger Buckle. “It was like a quicksand.”

Vet Stacey Sullivan credited the owner Nicole Graham for saving the horse’s life. “A lot of horses don’t make it and I think without the owner there, the chance of survival would have been a lot lower,” she said.