An australian fisherman known as alfonse attard changed into out one-day with jack, his jack russell to have a experience within the sea. After they were within the boat, the water commenced to leak which prompted the boat to be capsized inflicting attard and his dog to be thrown into the sea.

Thankfully, out of nowhere, attard become visible via trever borg and his father laurie, 2 other fishermen and decided to assist him. Fortuitously, they were able to bring him to shore, however he then panickily told them about his dog, who has been his pet for almost 18 years.

So, volunteers were sent returned out within the water by means of the altona life saving and water police on the lookout for jack. One volunteer became the boat over and discovered the dog inside it so he became capable of rescue him which took approximately an hour.The dog was then taken to reunite together with his elderly owner which became a heartwarming reunion. Watch the video under. Please share this tale together with your buddies and own family.