A moving video of a man and his senior dog demonstrating their beautiful friendship recently went viral on the internet. As seen clearly, the elderly New Yorker gingerly places his beloved pet into the vehicle.Thousands of people have commended this man and his dog for their close bond, which has motivated them to support one another as they age and create a good example for others to follow.

It’s a great and endearing friendship.

At the time of the poignant sight, a person parked just across the street did not hesitate to video it and share it with the rest of the world on social media. The beautiful image was photographed around a year ago.

The video demonstrates this couple’s undying love for one another. Despite his late age, the man built a ramp to provide the animal easier access to the car’s trunk.

The old man even uses a sheet to help his dog ascend the ramp into the truck, as shown in the video, which has had over 896,242 views thus far.

In reaction to the situation of these appealing friends, several emotions and enchanting words have been created for these gorgeous life partners.