Three-year-old Ronan was Toledo Humane Society’s longest-staying pup, and had been overlooked by hundreds of potential adopters since July, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Ronan patiently waited in his kennel for a family to choose him and adopt him, but they continued to walk right past him.

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But THS knew that sweet Ronan deserved a family and a real home, so they took to social media to share his story, in the hopes that someone would want to give Ronan a chance.

“Our staff has fallen in love with Ronan,” they wrote on Facebook. “All 55 wiggly pounds of him. We’ve fallen in love with his goofy demeanor, his intelligence and desire to learn, his powerful wiggles and tail wags, his unwavering loyalty, and his ability to attach himself like Velcro to your side. We’ve fallen in love with his sneaky chin kisses. His snuggles. His superior walking skills. His ability to place a smile on your face. His unmatched love for life.”


Shelter staff carefully sifted through each and every application, making sure they picked the one that would be the best fit for Ronan. Once they chose their family, they contacted them to come adopt their new furry best friend.


“Yesterday, because of you, Ronan got to head to his forever home, with a family that we know is the perfect fit for him,” THS wrote on Facebook. “When a community comes together in such a way for our animals, we can’t help but feel so incredibly humbled and grateful for the power of social media, and the love and support we receive on a daily basis. Thanks to you, we were able to unite one of our longest-stay pups with their perfect forever home – and that’s not something we get to see every day.”